About Birds of a Feather

Owned by Pru Ferguson, Birds of a Feather is situated in a small, exclusive shopping centre in Constantia which is about a 20 minute drive from the Cape Town CBD. Constantia is historically a wine growing area – there are still a number of farms but it is now predominately an upmarket residential area which it is surrounded by vineyards and mountains. Birds of a Feather was founded in 1995. The shop specialises in exclusive gifts and decorative accessories and over the years has become a destination for discerning shoppers. Pru personally selects each item in the shop from local and European suppliers and ensures that her stock is unique and affordable by importing directly from source and developing strong relationships with suppliers. The shop is forever evolving – the only criteria in my selection of stock is that it must be beautiful and of the highest quality. A visit to Birds of a Feather is not only about making a purchase, but having a feel-good experience in the ambiance of the store.